Twitter Killer

A Japanese man dubbed the ‘Twitter Killer’ was arrested in 2017 after body parts were found in his apartment.

30-year-old Takahiro Shiraishi has admitted to murdering and dismembering his victims that he met on the social media platform Twitter.

Shiraishi used Twitter to find suicidal women and promised that he would help them commit suicide, in some cases he also promised that he would also commit suicide with them.

His victims included 8 women and 1 man between the ages of 15 to 26, with the murders taking place between August and October of 2017.

After a young woman disappeared her brother accessed her Twitter account and found a suspicious account that she had been communicating with, the brother passed this information onto the police and with the help of a female friend they organised a meeting with Shiraishi, they informed the police and then the police went to Shiraishi’s apartment looking for the missing woman and after asking where she was Shiraishi said she’s in the freezer. Once the police searched the rest of his apartment they found numerous body parts including 9 heads and numerous limbs stashed in 3 freezers and 5 storage boxes.

The murders sparked outraged and debate throughout Japan about how the issue of suicide is discussed online with the government announcing that they may introduce new regulations. Also, Twitter amended its rules and regulations stating that users should not “promote or encourage suicide or self-harm”.

The prosecution sought the death penalty with Shiraishi’s lawyers arguing that he was guilty of the lesser charge “murder with consent” but Shiraishi would later go against his lawyer’s argument saying that he killed his victims without their consent. He was found guilty of murdering all 9 of his victims without their constant and the sexual assault of the 8 female victims.

In December of 2020, Shiraishi was sentenced to death by hanging. In Japan, death row inmates are not told about their execution date until the day their due to be executed.

Rest In Peace:

Kureha Ishihara, 15

Aiko Tamura, 23

Natsumi Kubo, 17

Hinako Sarashina, 19

Kazumi Maruyama, 25

Mizuki Miura, 21

Shogo Nishinaka, 20

Hitomi Fujima, 26

Akari Suda, 17

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