Where is Jennifer Dulos?

In the middle of the woods in central Connecticut, two hunters come across a 6 feet long man-made hole that was covered with a blue tarp and barbeque grates, but it was what was inside the hole that confused everyone involved. Inside the hole were two bags of limes and the only reasonable reason why there would be two bags of limes in a man-made hole is that they were put there to cover up the smell of a decaying body. The hunters think nothing of the shallow grave and do not report it to anyone but a week later at 11:30 am Jennifer Dulos’ nanny Lauren Almeida arrives at her house to look after her 5 children and notices that Jennifer’s Chevrolet Suburban is missing but her Range Rover is still in the garage even though she had told the nanny that she would be taking her Range Rover to New York City for her doctor appointments after dropping the children at school.

Lauren enters the house and notices that Jennifer’s bag is still at the house but Jennifer is not home, Lauren then picks up the 5 children from their half-day at school at noon and takes the children home and makes them lunch. Whilst the children are eating their lunch Lauren messages, Jennifer, numerous times and gets no response, according to Jennifer’s friend Carrie Luft she was described as being the most reliable person she had ever met and that it was uncharacteristic for Jennifer to not answer her phone or respond to text messages. At 7 pm Lauren reports Jennifer missing to the New Canaan Police Department and they begin a thorough search of her home and begin the search for her Chevrolet Suburban. At 8 pm police show up at Jennifer’s estranged husband Fotis’ home in Farmington to inform him of Jennifer’s disappearance, he oddly seems unaffected by the news and so the police ask him if he would be willing to come down to the station the next day to give a statement and he agrees. The next day he shows up at the police station with his lawyer and his lawyer tells police that his client will not be answering any questions and since the police have nothing to hold Fotis on, they let him leave but first, they seize his phone and wait for a warrant to be issued so that they can search it.

Meanwhile, during the police search of Jennifer’s home they find dark stains in the garage that they think could be blood on the side of a garbage can and the back fender and side of Jennifer’s Range Rover. Then her Chevrolet Suburban was found around 5km away from her home later that night but there was no sight or evidence of Jennifer anywhere near the vehicle. Growing suspicions around Fotis’ involvement in Jennifer’s disappearance led to Jennifer’s mother who was taking care of the children whilst police investigate her daughter’s disappearance to go to court and get temporary custody of the children.

Then the police get their first big break, surveillance footage from Jennifer’s neighbour’s house shows Jennifer arriving back home from dropping her children at school at 8:05 am but then they don’t see any other movement until 10:25 am when they see the same Chevrolet Suburban reversing out of her driveway and then driving in the direction of the park where her car was found dumped. During Lauren’s interview with the police, she said, “something happened and that Fotis was most likely involved”. Once the police have the warrant to search Fotis’ phone they track his movements and then they get the matching traffic surveillance footage and find Fotis driving a car registered to his business. The surveillance video shows Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis who he had been having an affair with whilst he was still living with Jennifer getting out of the vehicle at 30 trash cans along Albany Avenue where they were dumping garbage bags. Inside the garbage bags, detectives find items of clothing that belong to Jennifer, a medallion from a Mercier bicycle, zip ties, duct tape and cleaning materials including a sponge and mop with bloodstains.

Since Fotis was refusing to cooperate with police they decide to bring Michelle in and question her about the morning of Jennifer’s disappearance, she said that she was running errands from 9 am and didn’t see Fotis for the rest of the morning until Fotis called her at 2 pm and asked her to come to help him clean a property he owned at 80 Mountain Spring Road in Farmington. She said they were cleaning that property until 6:30 pm and then went to Starbucks on Albany Avenue, however, the traffic surveillance footage shows that they never stopped at Starbucks and this made police even more suspicious. But the story gets even wilder from there, one of Fotis’ employees Pawel Gumienny had an unreliable car so at the start of every workweek, he would park his car at Fotis’ office and take one of the company cars. The day before Jennifer’s disappearance Pawel drove his car to Fotis’ home office and picked up the company car, the next day he needed his car back so he drives the company car back to Fotis’ home where he left it and the car was no longer there. Pawel then finds his car with Fotis and Michelle at 80 Mountain Spring Road in Farmington, which is the house Michelle said they were cleaning together. Pawel found out later that Fotis had taken his car to the carwash to be detailed and that he wanted him to replace the seats in his car in case Jennifer’s DNA accidentally is found in the car, this led people to believe that Jennifer’s blood may have been in Pawel’s car and that’s why Fotis wanted the seats to be replaced. After Pawel recovers his car Fotis and Michelle take the car that Pawel drives for work and this is the car that can be seen on the traffic surveillance footage stopping along Albany Avenue the night of Jennifer’s disappearance.

Pawel becomes suspicious of Fotis and tells police that he still has the old seats from his car that Fotis wanted him to replace and he turns them over to the police where they send them off for forensic testing. Then police ask Pawel if Fotis has any bicycles and he remembers being asked to fix a unique bicycle that had ram horn-type handlebars and a medallion from a Mercier bicycle. Police decide to look through Jennifer’s neighbour’s surveillance footage once again to see if they can see this bicycle or Pawel’s car and they find Pawel’s car being driven from Fotis’ home to the park where Jennifer’s car was dumped and then a man riding the Mercier bicycle from that same park towards Jennifer’s home. The police decide to confront Michelle with their new evidence and Michelle tells police that Fotis had spoken to her about Jennifer saying, “Sometimes I hope she disappears”. Michelle then admits that she was not with Fotis the morning of Jennifer’s disappearance but she was in fact at his home with his lawyer Kent Mawhinney and Fotis had left his phone there and when it started ringing Kent told Michelle to answer the phone.

Detectives discover that Fotis’ business was 7 million dollars in debt and that he had borrowed 2 and a half million dollars from Jennifer’s father and stopped paying on it once her father died. It turns out that Jennifer’s parents had set up a 2 million dollar trust fund for the 5 children and if Jennifer weren’t alive then Fotis would assume that he would get sole custody of their children and be able to access the trust fund.

Three months after her disappearance one of the hunters who had stumbled across the 6 foot long man-made hole that was covered with a blue tarp and barbeque grates and filled with limes came forward and told police he stumbled across that shallow grave one week before Jennifer’s disappearance. This hunter also told detectives that he overheard someone at the hunting club say, “Did you hear about Kent Mawhinney? He’s involved in that Dulos case”. Kent denied any involvement in Jennifer’s disappearance.

Then detectives get another breakthrough, the forensic testing done on the dark stains found on the side of a garbage can in Jennifer’s garage, on the back fender and side of Jennifer’s Range Rover and testing done on the seats that were removed from Pawel’s car come back positive for Jennifer’s blood and the medical examiner categorizes the event as a “Homicide of Violence” with “non-survival” injuries. We find out later that Fotis’ DNA was found mixed in with Jennifer’s blood that was found in her garage.

Despite not having a body police arrest Fotis Dulos, Michelle Troconis and Kent Mawhinney on January 7th, 2020. Fotis is charged with murder, felony murder and kidnapping. Michelle and Kent are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. A couple of days after their arrest Fotis and Michelle both make bail and are put on house arrest at separate homes and are not allowed to have any communication with each other. Then on January 28th, 2020 Fotis is found non-responsive at his home in Farmington, he had committed suicide by connecting a vacuum hose to the exhaust pipe of his car and placing it inside the vehicle with the windows up and the car running. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning without telling his 5 children where he disposed of their mother’s body.

To this day we still do not know the complete story of what happened and where Jennifer’s body is.


If you or anyone you know have any information on the whereabouts of Jennifer Dulos, please contact the New Canaan Police Department on 203-594-3500

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