Brutal Murder of a Wealthy Woman

On Saturday, January 25th, 2014 Susanne Nadell-Scaccio couldn’t get a hold of her mother Peggy Nadell on the phone so she went over to her house to make sure everything was okay. She let herself in the house and realised that the alarm wasn’t on, which was odd and then she saw her mother laying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs with her head caved in and a knife in her chest. She thought that maybe she was holding a knife and had taken a fall down the stairs and ended up stabbing herself by accident. Susanne then pulled the knife out of her mother’s chest to give her CPR but her mother was stone cold. She called 911 and waited for emergency services to arrive.

Once the police arrived they wanted to take Susanne and her husband Bobby down to the police station for an interview. Once there the police told Susanne that this was no accident and that her mother had been murdered. Susanne then explained to the police that she had removed the knife from her mother’s chest and that her DNA and fingerprints will be on the knife and all over the house because she visits 2-3 times a week. It became obvious after several hours of questioning that she was a suspect in her wealthy mother’s murder. The next day Susanne was asked to come back down to the police station so she hired an attorney because she felt as though they were trying to blame her for her mother’s murder.

Meanwhile, detectives at the scene realise that there was no forced entry into the house. However upstairs there were dresser drawers pulled out and placed on the floor, it looked like a staged burglary. Detectives became suspicious of Susanne because as soon as they arrived she said to them that her mother was worth high seven figures and that her DNA would be all over the house, this was a red flag to the police. Detectives say that Susanne was no longer being cooperative with police once she hired a lawyer.

Detectives then pull Peggy’s phone records and realise that there was an incoming phone call from a burner phone at 1:30 am the morning of the murder. Around the same time, Peggy had made a call to Bullet Security because her home alarm was triggered but she wanted them to disregard the alarm and she said that everything is fine. Detectives at this point were certain that there was no forced entry into the home and that the murderer was someone Peggy knew.

Then detectives find out that Peggy’s son Jimmy was married and had kids with a lady named Diana. And by all reports, Diana was becoming quite demanding with Peggy because she wanted her to buy her nice things that she herself couldn’t afford and when Peggy refused to she would say that she can’t see her grandchildren. It turned out that Diana hadn’t been left anything in Peggy’s will and so once she was murder Diana was in the house putting her name on her jewellery, expensive handbags and the furniture from the house.

One of Susanne’s friends told detectives that they’re looking at the wrong person and that they should be following the money and greed trail. Detectives then look into Diana and when questioned about where she was the night of the murder she said she was in Maryland at her cousin’s wedding, interestingly her phone pinged in Maryland but then police realise that the phone wasn’t being used in Maryland, it was just pinging because it was in Maryland.

Four months after the murder that same friend of Susanne’s was getting phone calls from Diana every morning from different numbers and that she sounded nervous. Then one morning Diana calls to thank her for listening to her and that she is moving back to Jamaica with one of her kids with Jimmy. The friend calls the police and tells them that she is leaving the country. The police then jump on a plane to Florida where Jimmy and Diana lived with their kids.

Then detectives get a big break, the burner phone that was used to make the phone call to Peggy’s house at 1:30 am the night of the murder had been purchased in Florida right near where Diana lived. Detectives then pull Diana’s phone records and realise that in the days leading up to Peggy’s murder she starts having regular phone calls with a woman named Andrea Benson in Washington and then after the murder she starts communicating with another woman named Tanisha Joyner in Maryland.

Police decide to wiretap Diana’s phone and then they call her to ask her to clarify her alibi for the night of the murder and if anyone she was with called call them to confirm her alibi. After police made this phone call, it got the ball rolling and Diana reached out to Tanisha Joyner and that’s when Tanisha says “wait a minute, was I with you from 9 pm to 6 am or 6 am to 9 pm?”. Then there were several phone calls made to Andrea Benson and although they never spoke about the murder Andrea did say at one point “listen, I’m in this with you. I’m in this too”. Police decide to simultaneously bring Andrea and Tanisha into custody to be interviewed. And that’s where it all goes wrong for Diana.

Tanisha tells detectives that Diana had asked her to make phone calls the evening of the murder. Andrea tells detectives that she met Diana through her Aunty who was meant to pick Diana up from the airport in Washington but couldn’t make it so she got Andrea too, when she picked up Diana from the airport Diana asked Andrea if she wanted to make $10,000 and that to get the money she would have to go to New York and kill her mother in law Peggy.

They drove from Washington to New York and when they would drive past toll booths Diana would hide her face so she couldn’t be recognised. Once Diana was near Peggy’s house she called her from the burner phone and said I’m in the area can I come to visit.

Once Diana and Andrea are in the house talking to Peggy, Dianna asked Peggy if they can go upstairs, they all went upstairs and Peggy went to the bathroom. Diana took the strap off of a handbag whilst Peggy was gone and once she came back she started asking Peggy about the family jewellery and then all three walk down the stairs with Peggy in front and that’s when Andrea uses the strap to strangle Peggy but she wasn’t dying so Diana ran to the kitchen grabbed a knife and came back and stabbed Peggy on the chest.

Diana was brought in for an interview and one of the first things she says to detectives is “they think I killed my mother in law. Is that what this is about?”. Both Diana and Andrea were arrested for Peggy Nadell’s murder and they had to wait to be extradited to New York where the murder occurred. Originally both were charged with murder in the second degree but once Andrea became a cooperating witness they were able to charge Diana with murder in the first degree. Tanisha also became a witness for the prosecution and pled guilty to a lesser crime.

It came out later that although Diana had promised Andrea $10,000 she only received $500 upfront and the rest would be given to her once Diana got her money from Peggy’s will.

Then an inmate at the prison where Diana was being held reported to detectives that Diana tried to hire her to arrange the murder of Tanisha Joyner. The inmate agreed to wear a wire and then Diana was recorded telling this inmate that Tanisha had to be dead etc. Diana was then charged with attempted murder and then she had no choice but to plead guilty.

Then Diana’s lawyer went to the prosecutor and asked if they would be willing to offer a plea of 23 years to life and they spoke to Peggy’s family and they agreed to that deal.

Andrea pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life. As part of her plea agreement, Tanisha received probation.

Still to this day, Diana is married to Peggy’s son Jimmy and they both insist that she is innocent and has been framed.

Rest In Peace Peggy Nadell.

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