The Angel of Death

In 1991 a 22-year-old British nurse named Beverley Allitt murdered 4 children and injured 9 others during her employment at the Grantham & Kesteven General Hospital in Lincolnshire. This hospital first came to the public’s attention when it was reported that there had been several unexplained incidents where patients on the children’s ward were collapsing, these patients were experiencing cardiac and respiratory arrests. The hospital called the police in to investigate and they quickly realised that the only nurse looking after all 13 patients was Beverley Allitt.

During the investigation Detective Superintendent Stuart Clifton decided to send 5-month-old Paul Crampton’s blood to the lab for further testing because he had collapsed three times in seven days. The lab discovered that Paul had a dangerous amount of insulin in his bloodstream.

Police arrested Allitt and then conducted a search of her home where they discovered a syringe, hospital pillowcase and her nurse allocation book which shows what nurse was assigned to what child and it contained pages that had been ripped out of other nurses books.

Allitt was described as being a hard worker, very caring and friendly. She was so well-liked that the parents of Becky and Katie Phillips made her Katie’s godmother. Little did they know that she had killed Becky and was trying to kill Katie.

It was the first time in British history that a nurse had been convicted of murdering children in a hospital. She was found guilty of murdering 4 children, guilty of attempted murder of 5 children and guilty of 6 counts of grievous bodily harm with intent. The jury sentenced Allitt to 13 life sentences in 1993.

Before her trial, a psychiatric assessment was done that concluded Allitt was fit to stand trial. However, after being sentenced she only spent a week in prison before being moved to Rampton Secure Hospital. It’s reported that Allitt was refusing to eat or drink and then she was diagnosed with having a “psychopathic disorder”.

Victims families, survivors, criminologists and forensic psychologists were outraged by this decision to move her to the hospital and they want her to be moved back to the prison for the remainder of her sentence.

Beverley Allitt is eligible for parole in 2023.

Her murdered victims include:

7 week old Liam Taylor

11-year-old Timothy Hardwick

2-month-old Becky Phillips

15-month-old Claire Peck

Her victims who recovered include:

1-year-old Kayley Desmond

5-month-old Paul Crampton

5-year-old Bradley Gibson

6-year-old Michael Davidson

2-year-old Yik Hung Chan

2-month-old Katie Phillips (who was also murder victim Becky Phillips’ twin sister)

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