From Infatuated to Infuriated

It was the morning of September 7th, 2006 and Holly Flannery was getting her 9-year-old daughter Kylie ready for her first day at her new school. As they got into their car a man they knew all too well-named Richard Roszkowski approached them with a gun and demanded that they drive him to a boarding house on Seaview Avenue. And that’s where the nightmare begins.

Holly lived next door to Roszkowski’s mother and would visit her regularly, that’s how she ended up meeting Roszkowski. In 2004, Roszkowski was in prison for burglary but court documents would later show that Holly would visit and call him while he was incarcerated. Her kindness led him to become obsessed with Holly who was reportedly becoming more and more fearful of Roszkowski as time went on.

It’s been reported that Holly wrote a letter to a friend in January of 2004 where she said that Roszkowski had threatened her whilst he was incarcerated and that if anything happens to her, to tell Kylie she loved her.

Roszkowski was released in 2005 and he moved in with his mother which meant that he was seeing Holly daily since they were neighbours. Roszkowski began stalking Holly and even broke into her home and threatened her at gunpoint. In July of 2006, Roszkowski pinned Holly down and shaved some of her hair off, he said that he wanted to mess up her hair so no other man would want her. Eventually, Roszkowski’s mother moved out of the area with her son moving into a boarding house on Seaview Avenue where there was a lot of drug use taking place and it was there that Roszkowski met Thomas Gaudet.

On the morning of September 7th, 2006 Roszkowski snapped and called Gaudet to accuse him of being in a relationship with Holly. Gaudet and Holly were strangers to one another but that didn’t matter because Roszkowski was so delusional at this point that he believed he was in a relationship with Holly even though he was not. After Roszkowski forced Holly and her daughter to drive him to the boarding house where Gaudet was still living, he shot Gaudet in the head in front of Holly and Kylie. Then he grabbed Holly and put her in a headlock and shot her in the head even after Holly was pleading for him not to hurt her in front of her daughter. Kylie decided to run for her life, Roszkowski runs after her and shoots her in the back which causes her to fall to the ground face up, he then walks up to her and shoots her in the head twice as she is screaming. Kylie was rushed to the hospital but was unable to be revived.

Roszkowski had murdered 3 people in a matter of minutes and was now on the run. He was jumping over fences and running through gardens to flee the scene. It was also reported that he stole clothes off of people’s clothesline’s to cover his identity. He eventually comes across a man in a vehicle where he offers him gas money if he will take him to his mothers home, the man agreed.

Meanwhile, police had arrived at the crime scene and began talking to witnesses, including a roommate of Gaudet who had come outside just moments after the shooting and he gave police the name Richard Roszkowski and his mother’s address. He was arrested upon arrival at his mothers home. Many other witnesses told police that Roszkowski looked very calm during the shootings.

Roszkowski told detectives that he had been on a drug binge in the days leading up to the murders and that he had no memory of the incident. He denied that he had committed any crime.

In May of 2009, Roszkowski went on trial for the 3 murders. The defence claimed that he was insane and therefore he is not responsible for his actions, they also said that because he was intoxicated he had a diminished responsibility. His plea of insanity was denied and the prosecution decided to seek the death penalty.

Richard Roszkowski was found guilty of capital felony and murder. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murder of 9-year-old Kylie and received life sentences for the murders of Holly and Thomas.

In 2018, Richard Roszkowski’s death sentence was vacated and replaced with another life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Rest In Peace Holly Flannery, Kylie Flannery and Thomas Gaudet.

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