Forbidden Love To Family Murder

In 2005, when Jasmine Richardson was 11 years old she became interested in a gothic group at school. She started to wear black clothing and developed behavioural issues.

After attending a punk rock gig, Richardson who was now 12 years old met 23-year-old Jeremy Allan Steinke. Many people in Richardson’s life including her parents, family and some friends had an issue with their flourishing relationship. Steinke had a long history of violence and had even told people that he was a “300-year-old werewolf” and that he would often wear a vial of blood as a necklace.

Richardson’s parents put an end to the relationship between the two but they started to communicate online with each other through their accounts on and Nexopia.

Then on April 22nd, 2006 Steinke and his friends watched the 1994 movie ‘Natural Born Killers’ which is about a guy who kills his girlfriend’s parents so that she can escape their control and they can finally be together. Steinke told his friends that he and Richardson should plan to do something like that so they can be together but that they should not spare her younger brother.

Just a few hours later after everyone had gone to bed Steinke who was dressed in all black with a ski mask on, snuck into the Richardson’s home with a knife. The noise from the break-in woke up Richardson’s mother Debra who went down to the basement to see what the noise was. She was stabbed to death by Steinke in a frenzied attack, the screams from Debra woke up her husband Marc who ran down to the basement and tried to fight off Steinke with a screwdriver but he was unsuccessful and he also was stabbed to death. Richardson went to her 8-year-old brother Jacob’s room to calm him down because he was scared from hearing his parents screaming but then Steinke met Richardson at Jacob’s bedroom door and Jacob told the both of them that he was too young to die, Richardson stabbed her brother in the chest and then Steinke slit his throat.

The next day a friend of Jacob’s went over to the house to play but when he looked through the window he saw Debra and Marc’s lifeless bodies laying on the floor, he ran home and told his mother who called the police. At 1 pm on April 23rd, the police arrived at the Richardson house to find the murdered mother, father and brother but there was no sight of daughter Jasmine Richardson.

Authorities went to Richardson’s school to search her locker and what they found made her go from a missing person to the main suspect. In Richardson’s locker, they found a detailed drawing of a girl lighting her house on fire and then running to her boyfriend’s car. After conducting an investigation authorities found Richardson and Steinke 130kms away from the home. During his interrogation, Steinke asked the detective “have you ever watched the movie Natural Born Killers? I think that’s the best love story of all time”. Both Richardson and Steinke were arrested and charged with three counts of murder. Eleven days later Steinke’s friend 19-year-old Kacy Lancaster, was charged with being an accessory to murder after it was discovered that she had driven the couple out of town and helped them destroy evidence.

On July 7th, 2007 Jasmine Richardson was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to 10 years which is the maximum for any crime committed by anyone under the age of 14 years old. Her sentence included credit for the 18 months she had already spent in custody to be followed by 4 years in a psychiatric hospital and then 4 and a half years of community supervision. Jasmine Richardson completed her sentenced in May 2016.

On December 15th, 2008 Jeremy Steinke was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to three life sentences with the possibility of parole after 25 years in prison.

Kacy Lancaster had her charge of accessory to murder dropped after she agreed to plead guilty to an obstruction charge. She was sentenced to one year under house arrest as part of her plea agreement.

Rest In Peace Debra, Marc and Jacob Richardson.

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