Modern Day Thelma And Louise

Robyn Davis and Carol Saltzman had a 20-year long friendship, they were inseparable but what would drive them to murder Robyn’s husband Brian Davis just one year into their marriage?

Robyn met Brian in 2001 when they were both working at the same insurance company but they didn’t start dating until 3 years later. Then after 4 years of dating the couple married in 2008, this was Brian’s third marriage and Robyn’s second marriage.

Brian had a history of being unfaithful and a flirt during his relationship with Robyn, including his two-year affair with a married woman named Fannie Dietz but that affair ended just a few months before Brian’s murder. Aware of his extramarital affairs Robyn would often confide to her best friend Carol about the troubles in her relationship.

Then on June 29th, 2009 Robyn and Brian went shopping for boats since Brian was a keen fisherman, Robyn said that she got bored and made Brian drive her back home where he swapped cars and went out again. Robyn told police that this was the last time she saw her husband and that she assumed he had gone to meet another woman.

Police began searching for Brian and two days later a man test driving a car found Brian’s body on a secluded road next to his car that was jacked up as if he was changing a tyre. He didn’t have any shoes on, his belt had been taken off and the gun he carried on him was missing. Brian had been shot four times with a gun that was a match to the one he owned.

When police informed Robyn that her husband had been murdered she was overheard joking with police and she also kept mentioning Carol, this made police suspicious of both women. Police decided to bring them both in for questioning whilst they continued their investigation.

Police attempted to play each of the best friends off of each other but neither would turn on the other. Brian’s ex-lover Fannie was brought in for questioning and she told authorities that he enjoyed having sex outside but that he would never have taken his car down a secluded dirt road because he was a clean freak.

Since Brian was still wearing his watch and jewellery, police didn’t believe it was a robbery so they decided to look a little deeper into Robyn and Carol by obtaining their mobile phone records. Although Carol had told police that she was home at the time of the murder her phone records indicated that she was actually near the crime scene.

After being questioned by police Carol admitted that she had borrowed the car that Brian was found dead next to the day before his murder. This led police to believe that Robyn had lied about Brian dropping her home and then leaving their home in a different car to continue to look at boats.

Since there was a lack of physical evidence police hypothesised that Carol had Brian’s car and drove out to a secluded road where she jacked up the car as if she had a flat tyre, she then called Brian to come to help her and Robyn went with him, it’s then believed that when he was there one of the women shot and killed him then got into the car that Brian and Robyn drove there in and left.

Two weeks after her husband’s murder Robyn who had recently lost her job and had racked up a significant amount of online poker debt, tried to claim Brian’s life insurance of more than $700,000. Then six months after Brian’s murder police arrested and charged Robyn Davis and Carol Saltzman with murder. This shocked many people in the community because there was a lack of evidence so they couldn’t understand how someone could be charged with murder based on practically nothing.

The case went to trial in May 2012 with a jury finding them both guilty of second-degree murder and sentencing them to life in prison without parole. Although the two women told the media that being accused of murder was a living nightmare, the jury believed the women lacked emotion during the trial and they found that concerning and odd behaviour.

The women have stated they will appeal their sentences and that their friendship will survive this traumatic event.

Rest In Peace Brian Davis.

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