A Murderer Who Was Bored With Life

On the morning of March 27th, 2010 Kevin Davis asked his mother Kimberly for permission to commit suicide, shocked and upset at this revelation Kimberly told her son that she couldn’t control what he does and this reaction made Kevin decide that instead of taking his own life he would kill his mother.

Whilst Kimberly was sitting on the couch watching TV her son came up behind her and strangled her with a cord from his video game system, he then went to get a hammer when his mother started to kick and scream, Kevin then hit Kimberly with the hammer 20 times which ended up cracking her skull, he then moved his mother’s body into her bedroom where he stabbed her in the head, then he pulled out her brain with his fingers and then he raped her dead body.

Afterwards, Kevin turned himself into the police and during questioning, he was asked what his mother had done to him to deserve this and he responded by saying “Absolutely nothing. I’m just a terrible, disgusting person” he then added that he was bored with life, had no friends and that Kimberly was “the best mother” who didn’t deserve to die and that he lost his virginity to her corpse.

Kevin admitted to the police that he didn’t regret murdering his mother and that he was going to also wait for his sister to come home and do the same to her. However, he later decided against killing his sister because he had his “fill of killing”.

Kevin Davis was charged with first-degree murder but bizarrely he originally pleaded not guilty, even though he had confessed on tape and during his confession, he had stated that he would kill again because he doesn’t “have standards. I don’t have morals. A body is a body – a piece of meat”.

During his trial, Kevin changed his plea to guilty which ended his trial. He was sentenced to life in prison and he will be eligible for parole in 2044.

Rest In Peace Kimberly Davis.

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